Ellen Hurst, Ph.D.

Dr. Ellen Burns Hurst holds a Ph.D. in language and literacy and has spent a career focused on cutting-edge reading interventions in her clinical practice. A true pioneer in the field of dyslexia, Dr. Hurst continues to focus on her passion for changing the reading lives of students through her position as past-president of the International Dyslexia Association of Georgia, as an adjunct professor at Georgia State University, and through frequent research presentations at national and international literacy conferences. As an experienced reading specialist in public schools, private schools and private practice, she has a theoretical and pragmatic interest in reading assessment and intervention. Her clinical training includes Orton Gillingham, Lindamood-Bell, and Wilson Language System. Her research interests include a focus on the struggling reader in global school settings, as well as the social, cultural, and cognitive aspects of learning to read in the local classroom.

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Protecting Parents

Myths and misconceptions regarding dyslexia are debunked in order to protect parents from unnecessary expenditures of time, money, and emotional energy on unproven methods and technologies. Also revealed are the unique strategies girls use to mask their reading difficulties from parents, teachers, and peers. Parents will learn the components of the reading process explained in parent-friendly terminology.

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A Specific View

Why My Daughter Can't Read offers a clinical view of dyslexia specifically written for parents of girls who struggle with the reading process. Included are the stories of four undiagnosed dyslexic women. Their stories highlight the dangers of waiting too long before obtaining a definitive diagnosis of dyslexia and seeking appropriate interventions.

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Providing Resources

Provided are researched-based activities and assistive technologies that can be implemented at home to address their daughters' reading needs. An additional chapter is included for parents involved in the process of seeking special education services for their daughters. Specific legal requirements are outlined as well as the "tricks of the trade" to get and keep the process moving.

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